Welcome to Gold Coast Native Bee Services!

We are a couple with a big interest in the small native bees of Australia!
We make hives, split and educt hives from October through to December, do rescues from old hives, water meters and rotten logs. We help people with their first split, provide new hives, information and mentoring for those who want to do it themselves.
Native bees make the perfect pets. They are always interesting, do different things all the time and don't need a pet sitter if you go away!
There are over 1700  Australian native bees species and about five of them are social and able to be kept in hives. We have a goodly number of hives and have run out of girls names starting with 'B' to name all our hard working girls!
We love to talk about native bees, so if you have any questions or queries we'd be happy to chat!

Free Guide to Buying a Native Bee Hive
Wanting to buy a native bee hive but aren't sure about what your looking for? Then this FREE 8 page PDF guide to buying your first OATH hive should help. Click on the Buy Now Button below, (Sorry it says buy now, we cant seem to change it. We are bee enthusiasts, not technology nuts!)  Pop in your email address and the PDF link will be instantly sent to your email address at no charge. We aren't selling hives with bees in them as we have sold out this year but hope this guide will help you find a good quality hive to purchase.


Really keen on native bees but aren't sure how to go about buying or setting up your yard or the hive - then this is the guide for you. It gives you a bit of an overview of where the bees you want to get fit into the larger picture, advice on where and how to set up your yard for the hive, the actual hive set up and even how to travel with the bees. Its like having a friend to guide you on your first hive journey!

 Splitting your first hive?

Wanting to learn how to educt?

Wanna know how to turn one hive into two? - Buy this bundle! Only $7


Need Native Bee clip art?